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Episode 8 (Special Edition!): Dancing with the Montcalm Area ISD Stars! or: They do that too?!

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We’re working outside the box in this very special episode, featuring a cavalcade of guests from the Montcalm Area Intermediate School District. Our five guests include: Kyle Hamlin, MAISD Superintendent; Cindy DeYoung, Early Childhood Special Ed Supervisor; Kristen Larson, principal of the Seiter Center and Special Ed Supervisor; and Shannon Tripp, Associate Superintendent of Career Tech Ed and Early College. And joining us fashionably late is Penny Dora, Director of Communications and soon-to-be highlight of Dancing with the Local Stars! We go all out to introduce the MANY incredible things the ISD does for Montcalm Area kids, and shine a light on the educational magic they sprinkle over the county and beyond. They are hard-working rock stars with a passion for what they do, whether it’s helping infants learn to walk, or teaching children with the most significant needs, or preparing high schoolers for careers in welding, marketing, education, and more. By the time they’re done, you’ll be saying, “Holy cow! HOW do they do all that?” They also explain their bond proposal on February 27th (their first in 62 years!) to reinforce their buildings and facilities. Come and be amazed, and get to know your ISD on the Flat River Front Porch!

Dancing with the Local Stars

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MAISD Bond Proposal – Everything You Need to Know

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