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Episode 9: Mystery German Desserts and Guardians of the Community with Michele Howard from Traverse Area District Library

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Our community and front porch are stretching this week to bring in an (uncaped) crusader from up north, Michele Howard, the director of the Traverse Area District Library system! I met Michele at this year’s Michigan Library Association conference in October. Her story of firing up organizations in her city to dig in and work together to make change inspired me to make her my first recorded interview for the podcast (if not our first episode). Michele’s great work brings hope that any community can start a conversation that overcomes barriers and brings life-changing results with the right motivation.

We are also joined again by Cara McGee, our in-house comic creator, who was gearing up for Emerald City Comic-Con in Seattle. She gives some hints on her current projects, talks the best cities to stock up on too many specialty foods, and shares her favorite celeb comic-con encounters. And somewhere in there we try to solve the mystery of an obscure, possibly German dessert multiple decades after it was served. There’s something for everyone this week on the Front Porch!

Michele Howard


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