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Episode 3: Bass Pro and the Art of Procrastination with Cory Smith from the Daily News

Posted by Stefanie Reed, Library Director on

We are joined this time by Cory Smith, Senior Staff Writer for the Daily News, and I force him to put away his journalistic persona and express some opinions of his own (if only on his favorite reality TV shows). We also sit down with Cara Mikaelian, the other half of the two Cara’s on our circulation team, who is a history nerd, marine biologist wannabe, Missourian and archival librarian-in-training. If you ever wondered if there was a Bass Pro in the United States that is also attached to an aquarium, that mystery is solved.

PodNotes to come!

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Episode 2 – Comics and Bourbon with Dave and Michelle Seppala

Posted by Stefanie Reed, Library Director on

We were joined this week by new circulation assistant, Cara McGee, who manages to go ten minutes before bringing up her “other” job, and later explains how she bailed on Los Angeles to settle in her family home on Baldwin Lake.

We also interview Dave and Michelle Seppala. Dave is a commercial lender for Isabella Bank and is on the board of a plethora of local non-profits. Michelle is a friendly face from our own circulation desk, and Dave’s wife. We got them together and enjoyed their delightful banter.

Here are some things we discussed in the website, and ways to dive in further:

Cara’s Comics

Cara’s Captain America

Comic Writer Josh Trujillo

Our Growing Collection of Cara’s Work


United Way

Habitat for Humanity

Greenville Rotary Club

Montcalm Economic Alliance

More about Bourbon

Baldwin Lake 1970s Baldwin Lake early 20th century

Pictures of Baldwin Lake from Flat River’s Digital Photograph Archive

Materials We Mentioned

One Piece by Eiichido Oda      Fence by C.S. Pacat    Fantasy Sports v. 1 by Sam Bosma 

The Perfection of the Paper Clip by James Ward    Fordlandia by Greg Grandin      Modern Family

Schitt's Creek    Parks and Recreation    Over the Garden Wall

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