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Episode 5: JNCO Jeans and Taxes with Terri and Bethany from United Way

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With all this snow and cold, when you don’t want to go into the community, let the community come to you on Flat River Front Porch! This week we spend time with Terri Legg and Bethany Broom Dombrowski from United – Montcalm Ionia Way Counties. They are gearing up for tax season with the VITA program, which brings free tax prep to anyone eligible in our area and nationwide. While they’re here, we get a taste of the myriad other things their organization does for our community, and they give us insight to the experiences of local youth, housing insecure, and ALICE individuals in those counties (and what ALICE is, if you’ve never heard of it). And we still find time to talk travel trauma, JNCO jeans, and more.

We also talk with Veronica Pitchford, long time FRCL staffer and Assistant Director. She fills us in on Winter Reading, learning how to invest, and her old house plans. It’s a long one, but it’s more to keep you busy in this chilly weather. Cuddle up and join us!

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Better Investing

ValueLine (Available through our website soon!)

Creative Bug



United Way of Montcalm-Ionia Counties

VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance)

ALICE Simulator

United Way Youth Assessment

Bethany testifies for the Senate Housing and Humans Services committee

EPA Report on Alaskan climate change

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Greenville History

Flat River Historical Museum

Fighting Falcon Museum

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The infamous JNCO Jeans

May be an image of chess and text

Winter Reading!!


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