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Episode 8 (Special Edition!): Dancing with the Montcalm Area ISD Stars! or: They do that too?!

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We’re working outside the box in this very special episode, featuring a cavalcade of guests from the Montcalm Area Intermediate School District. Our five guests include: Kyle Hamlin, MAISD Superintendent; Cindy DeYoung, Early Childhood Special Ed Supervisor; Kristen Larson, principal of the Seiter Center and Special Ed Supervisor; and Shannon Tripp, Associate Superintendent of Career Tech Ed and Early College. And joining us fashionably late is Penny Dora, Director of Communications and soon-to-be highlight of Dancing with the Local Stars! We go all out to introduce the MANY incredible things the ISD does for Montcalm Area kids, and shine a light on the educational magic they sprinkle over the county and beyond. They are hard-working rock stars with a passion for what they do, whether it’s helping infants learn to walk, or teaching children with the most significant needs, or preparing high schoolers for careers in welding, marketing, education, and more. By the time they’re done, you’ll be saying, “Holy cow! HOW do they do all that?” They also explain their bond proposal on February 27th (their first in 62 years!) to reinforce their buildings and facilities. Come and be amazed, and get to know your ISD on the Flat River Front Porch!

Dancing with the Local Stars

Montcalm Area ISD

What is an ISD?

Professional Learning

Early Childhood Programs

Seiter Education Center

ISD/Local Special Education Programs

Montcalm Area ISD Young Adult Program

Montcalm Area Career Center

Early College Program


MAISD Bond Proposal – Everything You Need to Know

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Episode 7: Shirley MacLaine and Her Sing-Along Blog with Maddi Huntoon from HCAT

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We’re making up for lost time with an early release of Episode 7! This is an all-singing, all-dancing, theatre-all-the-time edition of Flat River Front Porch featuring Maddi Huntoon, Theatre Coordinator for the Hans Christian Anderson Theater department of Greenville Area Recreation and Community Center. HCAT puts together family-friendly shows that are acted and produced by kids and community members. Maddi is a drama geek through and through, and shares her passionate journey coming up through acting and producing to running the whole theater. Reference assistant and soon-to-be Steel Magnolias star Sharon Boldt joins us. We test her knowledge of Hans himself, hear about High School Musical Jr. playing February 15-18 (this week, so get your tickets NOW!), and learn the one thing Maddi spends her time doing when she’s not on stage. Also Sharon and I talk Comic Cons, Ren Faires, the best Steel Magnolias lines we can’t repeat on this podcast, and how to teach a Southerner to build a snowman. Put on your costume, enter stage left and join us on the Front Porch!

Hans Christian Andersen Theatre

Tickets for High School Musical Jr. (Feb. 15-18) OR Steel Magnolias (Mar. 22-24)

Maddi in the 2019 HCAT Production of Once Upon A Mattress

Sharon’s hometown movie studio

Tail of the Dragon in Tennessee

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Grand Rapids Comic Con

Grand Rapids Gaming Con

Community Center Special Events

Mill Creek Days

Mid-Michigan Enchanted Forest

BEL Children’s Museum

An Inside Look at Steel Magnolias from Robert Harling – Garden & Gun

Cast of the movie Steel Magnolias; Sharon will play the part of M’Lynn (Sally Field here)


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Episode 6: Cryptography and Duplicate Tubas with Steve Schofield from MCC

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It’s extremely fitting that our technology episode was delayed a week by technical difficulties… though we learn by trial and error, right? This episode is the perfect mix of tech adventures and human error as we’re joined by Steve Schofield from Montcalm Community College to talk about Tech Fest, the upcoming event on February 8 on the Sidney Campus. It hopes to appeal to future tech professionals and the generally tech-interested alike by giving them a hands-on opportunity to experiment with technology and risk breaking things in a safe environment. We see how this event came together and learn about Steve’s outreach history in Greenville and his blue Ford truck. Cassie also joins us again and we talk lost yearbooks, deer season, how not to play video games with our kids, and where your hands should be on the steering wheel (and whether it’s acceptable to hold a coffee mug simultaneously). We get a little silly, but after all the snow and clouds we all need a little pick-me-up. Enjoy the weather respite and join us on the Flat River Front Porch!

Tech Fest at MCC

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Episode 5: JNCO Jeans and Taxes with Terri and Bethany from United Way

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With all this snow and cold, when you don’t want to go into the community, let the community come to you on Flat River Front Porch! This week we spend time with Terri Legg and Bethany Broom Dombrowski from United – Montcalm Ionia Way Counties. They are gearing up for tax season with the VITA program, which brings free tax prep to anyone eligible in our area and nationwide. While they’re here, we get a taste of the myriad other things their organization does for our community, and they give us insight to the experiences of local youth, housing insecure, and ALICE individuals in those counties (and what ALICE is, if you’ve never heard of it). And we still find time to talk travel trauma, JNCO jeans, and more.

We also talk with Veronica Pitchford, long time FRCL staffer and Assistant Director. She fills us in on Winter Reading, learning how to invest, and her old house plans. It’s a long one, but it’s more to keep you busy in this chilly weather. Cuddle up and join us!

Previous Greenville High School, current site of Flat River Community Library

Previous Greenville Library building

Better Investing

ValueLine (Available through our website soon!)

Creative Bug



United Way of Montcalm-Ionia Counties

VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance)

ALICE Simulator

United Way Youth Assessment

Bethany testifies for the Senate Housing and Humans Services committee

EPA Report on Alaskan climate change

Greenville Country Club members say goodbye

Greenville History

Flat River Historical Museum

Fighting Falcon Museum

The popular JNCO jeans from the 90s are making a comeback and teenagers are horrified | The Independent | The Independent

The infamous JNCO Jeans

May be an image of chess and text

Winter Reading!!


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